Exercise Programme To Lose Weight

Weight loss is most effectively achieved through a combination of cardiovascular exercise (i.e., treadmill, biking, swimming) and strength training and a healthy diet. While the cardio will get your heart rate up and burn calories, strength training brings great weight loss benefits, too.

Strength training adds muscle mass to your body, and increased muscle mass means a dramatically increased metabolism. Adding even a few pounds of muscle will increase the number of calories your body burns each and every day.

The new Herbalife 24 Fit Home Workout DVD Programme focuses on metabolic workouts, strength training and personalised nutritional intake.
Herbalife24FIT is a 24-week program, designed to build your fitness in an effective and
sustainable way. At any age, any condition, anyone can build a better body with Herbalife24FIT, because it offers three levels of difficulty so you can work out at the level that is right for you!

Exercise Programme To Lose Weight - Full details of the release of the DVD Box Set in the USA