Arriba Franchise in the UK

  arriba-franchise.jpgArriba! Wellness Clubs operate across the UK and are dedicated to helping customers achieve a healthy weight in friendly, fun, supportive weekly meetings. Clubs are held in Village Halls, Community Centres, Gyms etc.. so there is no capital investment in costly premises.

Each Club informs and promotes the importance of proper nutrition and exercise to achieve optimum health. Each Arriba Franchise Club owner receives all of the systems, support and materials necessary to start and operate a successful and enjoyable business. Each Arriba! Wellness Club is operated as an independent business.

The best way to help the most people, quickly in your community is to start a Community Weight Loss Challenge. The Community Weight Loss Challenge is a 12 week course (1 hour, once a week) held in your local community centre, church hall, home (anywhere really) where people come to be educated, motivated and monitored to assist them in reaching their health and weight loss goals. As the Challenge leader you are responsible for promoting the class (cheap local advertising) and each week running the class following the guidance of a comprehensive but easy to follow manual.

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